East Quay Wedding Whitstable

East Quay Wedding Whitstable

East Quay Wedding // Whitstable Weddings

Beach weddings are a little unique and this was no exception. The weather plays an all importanant role at weddings in the summer. I don’t like it too hot on a wedding day and I prefer it to be dry. For my recent wedding in Whitstable the conditions were perfect. It was nice to be local as I do not live too far from Whitstable, it’s always a joy to visit and photograph there. The bride and groom however had a longer treck to their wedding venue The Lobster Shack also known as The East Quay building as they both now live and work in San Fransisco.

Charlotte grew up in Whitstable so the East Quay wedding venue on the shingle beach was an obvious choice for thier wedding celebration. We got a little lucky with some early evening light to take a few creative portraits against a blue dramatic sky.

Here are 20 of my favourite images from their day.

Wedding photography at The Lobster Shack, Vintage wedding

Beach Vintage wedding photography

Whitstable wedding

Wedding at The Lobster Shack

Wedding photography at the The Lobster Shack

Wedding pictures at the lobster shack

The Lobster Shack, Whitstable

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